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Christelle Raquillet & Wilfried Touati
Christelle Raquillet & Wilfried Touati

mar. 12 sept.



Christelle Raquillet & Wilfried Touati

Wilfried Touati et Christelle Raquillet présentent des compositions jazz et mondiales, créant un univers évoquant des paysages variés. Leur duo revisite le Grand Répertoire Américain pour un voyage musical unique.

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Heure et lieu

12 sept. 2023, 21 h 30

Montréal, 5035 R. Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L9, Canada

À propos de l'événement

Through an anthology of original compositions in the colors of jazz and world music, Wilfried Touati and Christelle Raquillet offer you a suspended moment in their company. The first on the accordion, the second on the flute and vocals, both build an ephemeral universe using their unusual instruments in jazz.

They create an imaginary in the form of paintings that sometimes transport you to fabulous aquatic worlds, sometimes to immense plains in bright colors.

Throughout this musical exhibition, you will be able to hear a few songs from the Great American Songbook revisited by this atypical duo.

Combining compositions, songs and improvisation, these two complicit artists constantly reinvent their music, inviting you on a refreshing journey from which you leave with a light heart.

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